What My Clients Say About Me


Matthew has always been a professional in whatever he did in his life. I saw him moving in life, and one thing is sure, he is an excellent people person, with high inter-personal skills.

He has always been a very caring person, a family man, and an excellent friend. I would recommend him any day.


Rodolphe Dandan
CFO - Entrepreneur



It’s a pleasure working with Matthew...You can count on him anytime, anywhere.

Samir Khan - Entrepreneur


A resourceful business person with 2+ decades of experience, Matthew doesn’t settle for average. His attention to details makes him (and those around him) work hard to meet KPIs.

But he’s also able to look and understand the big picture and manage in light of macro conditions. My journey with Mattew is enriching and challenging.


Souheil Assaker
Managing Partner - Ability Media


Having known Matthew on both business and personal levels for over 15 years, I cannot be but proud of this acquaintance.

Exceptional with his friendly and outgoing personality, Matthew is gifted with a large psychological knowledge that helps him get in touch with all scales of people, and be loved and trusted by all. This allows him to create an outstanding bond with both his employees and employers.
His talent in dealing with multicultural groups has accentuated his leadership character. The latter, along with his strategic overview, market knowledge, marketing culture, and strategic familiarity has led him to achieve success in every step he took, leaving an irreplaceable stamp in the hearts and minds of those he has worked with, I included.  

Maya A.Y


I have known Matthew for more than 10 years on 3 levels: As a Colleague, as a candidate and as a friend. As a colleague, he proved to be a hard liner, assertive and creative Marketer. He will not spare an effort to support you for the benefit of the business.

As a candidate, simply he was a profile that is highly sellable to potential employers endorsed by his long experience and expertise. As a friend, he is genuine: "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."


Roland Richa
HR Expert - Certified Psychometrician


"Matthew is a man of high values and integrity, very much dedicated to his team, partners, and clients..."


Ibrahim Saad
General Manager at E.A. Juffali & Brothers - Chemical Group


I knew you since we were kids and you were always available, supportive, and caring. As a life coach, I am pretty sure that you will be using your skills and your qualities to help others. Brothers forever...all the luck bro.


Rachid Abi Nader
CEO - Entrepreneur


I have known Matthew for many years now since working together in Leo Burnett. In a few short words, Matthew is a creative mind, resourceful, and has a great eye for developing and executing strategic projects. Matthew is also into arts, photography, nature, music, and all that life brings on a human connection level. He is cultured, wise and a great soul to work with and know.


Paul Boulos
Founder CEO | Chief Engagement Officer at Antworks Consulting


Matthew is a hard worker. Talented in dealing with multicultural workgroups in high coordination and leadership spirit. He used to accomplish the main objective of taking care of minor details along with the strategic overview. As for management skills, he is a maestro.


Ahmed Elakani
Managing Partner - Bonafide Group


It is great working with Matthew. A highly professional ad man and gifted with excellent interpersonal & engaging skills. Matthew always tries to add value to any project through strategic input and logical viewpoint. I must say that he is a great guy to have in any advertising led environment.


Omer Azeem
Strategy Consultant / Head of Strategy


Matthew is a friendly soft going personality that you enjoy working along with a lot of interesting ideas and guidance. I enjoyed working with him on the same team and surely benefited from his overview of the big picture.


Ziad Kayali
Director Marketing & Strategy | FMCG | CPG


A clear visionary with a strategic approach to all tasks he sets before him, I am yet to see Matthew engage in something without bringing innovation, value & flair to the table. Matthew is a down to earth individual & always approachable, with personal character traits which should manifest in all leaders.


Asif Moin Siddiqui
Head of Sales Fresh BU at NFPC

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